Shark Steam Pocket Mop

Deep-clean and sanitize sealed laborious floors–including wood, tile, linoleum, and vinyl–in one fell swoop with the Shark S3501 Professional Steam Pocket Hard Surface Cleaner. victimization simply superheated water and proprietary two-sided microfiber pads, this light-weight, easy-to-use tool heats up in thirty seconds and mechanically releases steam with each push-forward motion.

The Shark Pocket could be an affordable steam mop that will a fine job once it involves sweeping and sanitizing floors. As a light-weight, easy-to-use steam mop, this Shark may well be an honest alternative for the user World Health Organization desires reparation cleanings, however, it should not be the foremost applicable alternative for those that want a robust clean on their floors.

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Shark Steam Pocket Mop Design:

The Shark Steam Pocket Mop has one in all the foremost simple, minimalist styles we’ve got seen from a steam mop to this point. the highest of the handle offers a circular style for a straightforward hold and a little flap on the rear that may be upraised to permit users to regulate the peak of the wand.

CLEANING PADS: The improvement pads area unit microfiber ANd contain an envelope vogue style. One finish of the pad is open, permitting users to slip the improvement head into the pad. The ends of the pad will then be pinched along to confirm a good wrap, command along by the velcro strips.

AESTHETIC: All over again, the aesthetic of this Shark steam mop is nothing out of the normal. the colors area unit what appear to be Shark’s go-to colors; purple and grey. The minimalist style of this steam mop means that there’s not an excessive amount of happening in terms of aesthetics.

How Shark Pocket Cleans: The Shark Pocket steam mop cleans through one main method; steam being ironed out through the pad.

The improvement method is sort of simple:

1.       Fill storage tank with water.

2.       Plug the unit in and provides it thirty seconds to heat up.

3.       Pump the handle up and all the way down to turn out steam.

4.       Push the mop around and steam can still flow through the pad.

With only 1 improvement mode, there’s no intensive method once improvement with the Shark Pocket steam mop. The steam can loosen the residue off of the ground, permitting the microfiber pad to scrub floors.

Mopping Tests:

WATER CLEANING: The water check is typically wherever the less costly mops can begin to indicate some flaws in relation to improved performance. This Shark wasn’t superb throughout this check, however, it had been ready to hold its own. The pad soaked up a good quantity of the liquid within the passes we have a tendency to create across the lane. Eventually, over ninety-fifth of the water was clean up. The most important issue with the Shark Pocket throughout this check was the spreading of liquid. though the pad was ready to absorb an honest quantity of the liquid, it additionally had an inclination to unfold a number of it across our testing lane. This was somewhat expected however, it’d are nice to envision the Shark’s pad do a rather higher job of holding the water.

MUD CLEANING: The Honey and Mud tests were successes. For starters, the mud check. when creating one transit 1/2 the mud, the steam mop wasn’t ready to totally take away all of the scraps. Yet, when creating a second and third pass, there was no mud to be found. This was thanks to additional steam being created as I continued to push the mop back and forth.

HONEY CLEANING: The honey check was a small amount totally different than the mud check. As a sticky substance, the honey extremely grabbed the microfiber pad. It took the Shark a second to urge across the honey with the steam, however, once it did, there was hardly any remaining honey residue. we have a tendency to did re-examine the honey again and were ready to take away ninety-nine of the honey, however at the top of the check, we have a tendency to found that this mop wasn’t sturdy enough to fully take away 100 percent the honey from our testing lane, with simply a couple of passes. when a couple of additional passes, the honey was clean up totally, however it took additional back and forth passes through the scrap to fully take away the viscosity that the honey creates from our lane. All in all, this Shark steam mop performed well throughout our improvement tests, however, it’s not the most effective we’ve got seen to this point. to envision the most effective of the most effective, you’ll realize our full list of mop reviews here.

Is Shark Pocket steam mop straightforward to use?

SETUP: Once you have got removed the elements from the box, you’ll need to take them out of their wrapper. Next up, all that’s left to try and do is snap the handle into the body of the unit. A pad is already on the improvement head, thus you are doing not need to worry concerning adding one before victimization this Shark steam mop for the primary time.

FILL TANK: As you make preparations to use the Shark Pocket, the storage tank can have to be compelled to be stuffed. this will be completed by removing the cap on the front of the storage tank and victimization the water flask enclosed with the unit, or by holding the mop directly below the sink and filling it up by victimization the tap.

CLEANING PAD: Next up, adding the pad. Initially, a pad is on the unit. however, there’ll come back a time wherever you would like to alter the pad and undo the velcro from the pad, pull it off of the plastic improvement head, and replace it with a contemporary one.At this time, you’re able to plug the steam mop in, wait concerning thirty seconds for the water to heat up, pump the handle to make steam, and start improving.

STEAM PRODUCTION: in contrast to most steam mops we’ve got tested, the Shark Pocket needs manual steam production. Users should let the water heat up and so pump the handle up and all the way down to turn out steam. The labor of making the team isn’t tough by any means that, however, it’s a part of the method needed if you’re trying to clean. Shark recommends pumping the mop’s handle 10-12 times to urge the ball rolling with the steam creation. However, I found that if you still pump whereas improvement, the steam tends to be a small amount additional powerful, serving to create your improvement session easier.

Shark Pocket Maneuverability:Maneuvering the Shark Pocket steam mop is concerning average. I must say, I used to be a small amount stunned at the turning radius of this unit supported the very fact that it’s a flat head.

TURNING: The handle rotates well, however, the top of the unit doesn’t flip as sharply as I’d have liked to envision. Users can still be ready to work around the article of furniture and different obstacles within the home, however it should take a couple of additional passes to form a full lap around these obstacles.

FLAT LAY: On the top side, the Shark Pocket will have the power to lie just about flat on the bottom, which may be a significant profit once attempting to achieve beneath article of furniture or different tight spots around your home.

MOVEMENT EASE: Moving this Shark steam mop is comparatively straightforward. Once the steam is created, the unit is lightweight enough (4.87 pounds) to be simply pushed around for an extended improvement cycle.

Want a reasonable steam mop: If you’re trying to avoid disbursement a lot of cash on a replacement steam mop, the Shark Pocket may well be an excellent alternative. Solid performance and an honest price overall create this mop worthy for those that area unit on a budget.

Buy the Shark Pocket Steam Mop?

The Shark Pocket steam mop is a reasonable, nonetheless well-performing steam mop. Users World Health Organization don’t want all the additional bells and whistles with their steam mop might realize this to be an honest slot in their home.

I would advocate the Shark Pocket if you’re searching for the subsequent options during a steam mop:

Want a basic steam mop: This Shark isn’t an elaborate steam mop by any means that. Users area unit needed to manually turn out the steam by pumping the handle of the mop once the water is hot. That said, the performance of this Shark steam mop was on top of average for the worth you pay.

Want a reasonable steam mop: If you’re trying to avoid disbursement a lot of cash on a replacement steam mop, the Shark Pocket may well be an excellent alternative. Solid performance and an honest price overall create this mop worthy for those that area unit on a budget.

CONCLUSION: The Shark Pocket steam mop is a reasonable steam mop designed to form steam improvement your floors a fast and simple method. The performance is on top of average, serving to make an honest price overall. This mop is constructed additional for sanitizing your floors, thus if you’re within the marketplace for a deep improvement mop, this might not be the correct alternative for you. On the opposite hand, if you prefer the concept of AN easy-to-use steam mop with a robust improvement performance, then the Shark Pocket may well be an honest alternative for you.

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